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Family HQ - cross platform, mobile app

Contactpoint designed and built the Family HQ App for tracking fever and recording medications administered to family members, including calculation of recommended dosage based on a person's age and weight, for medications containing paracetamol and ibuprofen. The app is aimed at helping prevent the accidental overdose of these medications. The app also provides parents and care givers with a link to get help in the case of overdose.
The concept is the idea of sisters: Dr Sarah Gleeson and nurse Liz Crowe.
Contactpoint worked closely with Liz and Sarah every step of the way, from specification (including legal discussions), design, build, testing, submissions to the app stores, and later enhancements after the application had been in use for some time.
You can read more about the app via the website:
The Family HQ App can be downloaded through iTunes and the Google Play Store.