Phil Le
Phil Le is passionate about helping businesses grow using digital marketing, and knows from firsthand experience the difference that a great digital marketing strategy can make to a business bottom line.
Pay-per-click in both Google and social media platforms is an especially keen interest of Phil's, having utilised it to great effect in the business he last worked for over 2.5 years. Phil holds numerous certifications in digital ad platform, and is an avid learner.
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Qualifications & Awards:
  • MSc in Business Analytics, University of NSW (completing in 2021).
  • BSc in Management, University of Warwick, UK (2013).
  • Google Ads Search.
  • Google Ads Display.
  • Google Tag Manager Fundamentals.

Recent Work

  • Designed and implemented a Google Ad campaign in the trades sector, achieving an increase the organic traffic and number of enquiries by approximately 140% in 6 months. At the same time, reduced the cost of conversion by 50% whilst maintaining a conversion rate of 3.5%.