Launching custom technology
requires a maestro to orchestrate all the skills and tasks required for success.
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A strategic approach to Custom Technology

A successful technology solution requires a strategic approach addressing all aspects from design through build, launch, ongoing support, development and promotion.

Jobs to be done
Your technology solution should be addressing a real need (felt or unmet) in your target audience, and fill that need in a way that surprises and delights - giving those special folk you have decided to serve, something they want to fervently talk about.

Guiding your path

We would be delighted to partner with you to support your custom technology journey. The precise path will depend on where you are already in your journey, your goals, and your idea. The following is a general description of our approach, which will be tailored to you:

Confirming the Idea / Job to be Done.

Market Research - Size, Risks, Alternates.

Solution Recommendations.


Regular Reviews.

Contactpoint can assist you whether your custom technology solution is already developed, partially designed, or still a twinkle in your eye. We also work with other agencies who focus on just one part of the platform creation process, in order to supplement their team. Either way, please get in touch so that we can discuss how we can serve you best.

Contemplating a Custom Technology Solution?

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