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JHW Call Plan - cross platform, universal app

Contactpoint designed and built the JHW Call Plan App to allow people who have completed the JHW Engagement Skills workshop to electronically complete call plans, leading up to attending meetings or making important phone calls. The JHW Call Plan App includes the ability to take voice recordings of the planned introduction to a meeting. Practising the introduction, as well as working through the process of planning their meeting, helps the meeting convener to have a successful meeting.
The Call Plan App also incorporates the results of the behavioural style assessment of one or more of the meeting participants, determined via the JHW Personality Compass (another cross platform app designed and built by Contactpoint for JHW).
Version 2 of the App also allows the user to record and email outcomes of meetings, including a photo of the whiteboard, to an email address.
The JHW Call Plan App can be downloaded through iTunes and the Google Play Store.