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Cross Platform Mobile Apps

Choosing to use cross platform technology when building your mobile app can provide cost savings and increase speed to market. A cross platform app for both Apple and Android will be the right choice when:

Simple Functionality

We're talking functionality that you routinely see in a website such as questions and answers, providing resources, simple calculations. Such functionality will be easy to implement in a cross platform mobile app.

Pre-existing Web Application

If you are on a very tight budget, and already have a working web application, re-purposing that within a mobile app may be possible using a web view.

Wide Range of Devices

If you are intending to deploy your app to more than just the common Android and Apple devices, cross platform may be a more viable solution.
Cross platform (iOS and Android) mobile app for personnel being relocated by Toll Transitions, downloaded and used by many thousands of clients every year.

Need help to decide cross platform or native?

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