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Print 2 Metal - re-branding and improving the website for a high-end experience

Marie and Frank of Print 2 Metal felt it was time for a refresh of their brand, along with a refresh of the look and feel of their website, to reflect the high-end positioning of their product and service. Print 2 Metal provide the highest quality printing of photography on metal available in Australia. They guarantee their workmanship and are fastidious about every print and their customer service, making Print 2 Metal the provider of choice for photographers and artists.
Contactpoint worked closely with Marie and Frank in the design of their new logo and style guide to help ensure that the new branding is applied consistently across all mediums and marketing channels.
We also designed the beautiful new website, incorporating a background video on the home page, showcasing the unique, local production, quality control, packaging and shipping of metal prints ordered from Print 2 Metal.
We took the opportunity to overhaul the information architecture of the website and the shopping cart experience, to ensure the website not only communicates the high end quality of the Print 2 Metal product, but is now easier than ever to navigate and order your custom prints. We redesigned the purchase flow, starting with choice of product type first, which allows for greater flexibility when configuring your print.
Additional customer support functionality has been incorporated into the website, allowing the customer to view their image on their own wall using augmented reality, as well as providing prominent access to print cost and shipping calculators.

What's Next?

The website has been very well received. On the drawing board are further integrations to extend the automation of the website and ensure that minimal effort is required in administration so the team can focus on producing stunning, printed results. Marie and Frank are also planning the introduction of additional photographic products.

Let's hear from Marie:

Thanks to Heather and Team for all the work in updating our website so:
Marie Cosgrave, Print 2 Metal