Launching custom technology
requires a maestro to orchestrate all the skills and tasks required for success.
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Fully onshore, rapid, custom technology development

Contactpoint brings together all the skills required to develop world class custom technology solutions, including IoT and software-as-a-service:

Product Strategy & Roadmap

Knowing what you are building initially (MVP) and desire to add into the future will help you make the most of your investment.

Product Design

Involving user journey mapping, wireframing, prototyping, and user testing to ensure your solution really delivers for the user.

Creative Design

Complementing or creating your branding, engaging your target audience, adding all the bells and whistles to the product design.

Technical Design

Planning external integrations, database modelling, API plan and selection of technologies is an important step in ensuring a successful solution.

Technical Development

Building all the components, ensuring they function according to specification, are easy to maintain, and provide robust performance.

Content Writing

The myriad on-screen instructions, labels, error messages as well as help articles and marketing materials must all work together and talk the same language.

Digital Marketing

Creating pre-launch buzz, and then bringing the customers on go live.

Customer Support

Starting at the on-boarding experience. Some users will have questions; we will help you to respond in the best way possible.
Contactpoint can assist you whether development of your custom technology has already been started, it is partially designed, or still a twinkle in your eye. We also work with other agencies who focus on just one part of the platform creation process, in order to supplement their team. Please get in touch so that we can discuss how we can serve you best.
Enudge SaaS platform
Operating since 2006.

Experienced Team

Many online solution developers have been in business for just a short period of time. Contactpoint has been involved in the delivery of SaaS platforms since 2006, since the launch of Enudge email and SMS marketing solution which has been used by hundreds of businesses across Australia and 6 other countries since that time. That gives us:
Experience across continual technology changes.
Experience in the evolution of support.
Experience of changing competitive landscape.
Experience of evolving a product roadmap.
Experience in strategy and marketing.
We've stood the test of time.

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