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Full Service Digital Marketing

"Marketing: the generous act of helping a person solve a problem; their problem." Seth Godin.

Contactpoint provides expert services across the full range of opportunities to promote your organisation, products and services in the digital world including:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO Services)

Making sure your target market finds your website for searches on relevant, popular search terms.

Pay Per Click Advertisements

Google Ads and Ads on other platforms such as Bing can help drive immediate traffic to your website while your organic ranks improve.

Social Media Marketing

Another place for both advertisements and actionable content, we will ensure you get value from your social investment.

Email and SMS Marketing

Regular contact with your clients and prospects using email and/or SMS, if executed correctly, will deliver a high return on your investment.
We've got you covered!
But what about Content I hear you ask?
Content must be well-written, congruent across all digital experiences (ads, email, website), flow into offline experiences, and support your search engine optimisation and inbound marketing strategy.
Once your content strategy is well-formed and you have an increase in traffic to your site, then we will be delighted to give more attention to our conversion rate optimisation service, ensuring that your target audience are not lost through a less than optimal online experience.

Providing Measurable Results

Because of its nature, digital marketing is uniquely measurable. Our focus is on providing you with an appropriate return on your investment in digital marketing by using the most appropriate techniques for your unique product, organisation, marketing maturity and competitor behaviour.
Partnering with You
The founder of Contactpoint has been involved in the delivery of digital marketing since 1999, that is, from the beginning of when digital marketing became a possibility for organisations. Since then our digital marketing services have morphed almost beyond recognition from those early formitive days. In all this time our digital marketing efforts, always white-hat never grey, have been delivering awesome results across a broad range of industries. You can trust our:
Dedication to the growth of your organisation.
Professional delivery - what we say, in the timeframe agreed.
Leading edge in an evolving industry.
Best practice to deliver sound results.
Pursuit of deep understanding of your organisation.
Incessant pursuit of new ways of achieving great results.

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