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Toll Transitions - Pre-Removal Visit and Carrier Inspection Android Tablet App

Toll Transitions, a division of Toll Transport, rolled out across Australia an Android tablet application designed and developed by Contactpoint. The application allows Toll personnel carrying out pre-removal visits and carrier inspections, to complete those services and submit data to Toll operational systems via an API.
The implementation replaced the use of digital pen technology, and provides significant improvement in the flow of data and accuracy of information gathering. In addition, the tablet application enhances customer service and value delivered to Toll's clients.
Contactpoint carried out usability analysis and user trials as part of the project to ensure that the complex process implemented by the tablet application is intuitive, easy to use, saves time for the user, supports business processes, and presents Toll in a professional manner to clients.
The application employs GPS and mobile networks to determine the location of the service provider during the entry of data, as a further check in the veracity of the information gathered.