Delivering customer value
Your mobile app must work across a wide range of platforms, deliver unique value to users, and provide a wow experience.
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A successful app is no accident

It requires attention to all the details, starting with a great idea, solving a real need in a unique way, and ensuring quality throughout the design, build and launch.

Arming you for Success

Engaging Contactpoint as your app development partner will set you up for success, as we ensure all aspects of your mobile app project covered as a result of our mobile app strategy delivery. We bring you 7 years of experience across a wide range of apps for startups through to multinational corporations, native and cross platform, part of SaaS platforms, and standalone.

Our mobile app strategy process

We will work closely with you to understand your ideas and plans for your app, and assist you to fill in all the gaps to ensure a successful app design, build and launch. Our process will be tailored to your unique situation, but will likely address:
App Overview & Objectives.
Research and Analysis.
Technology Recommendations.
Post-implementation Measurement.
Whilst creating your strategy is best carried out before you start designing or building your app, there is still value in the activity if you are further down the track. Contactpoint can assist you whether your mobile app is already developed, partially designed, or still a concept on the drawing board. Whatever the situation, please get in touch so that we can discuss how we can serve you best.
Android Tablet Application deployed across hundreds of suppliers to Toll for the relocation of personnel.

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